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Open Cities is a collaborative R&D project funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme. It's aim is to explore the possibility of integrating Open and User-driven Innovation methodologies in the public sector, with five main objectives:

  1. Distil insights and best practices on how to apply Open Innovation in the Public Sector ;
  2. Gain understanding on the management of Technological Platforms in an Open Innovation context ;
  3. Validate the use of pan-European Platforms for Crowdsourcing, Open Data, FTTH networks and Open Sensor Networks ;
  4. Trigger the development of Advanced Future Internet Services ;
  5. Understanding how Living Labs could be effectively applied for promoting the adoption and co-creating of innovation in Smart Cities ;

The project brings together 15 institutions from 5 major European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. Open Cities will achieve these objectives by leveraging pre-existing initiatives in the area of Crowd sourcing, Open Data, High-Speed Broadband Networks and Open Sensor Networks.

Five sub-project clusters were designed with a view to foster cross-fertilization:

  • Urban Lab, Living Labs in Smart Cities and Open Sensor Networks in the city of Barcelona
  • Crowdsourcing in Amsterdam
  • Open Data in Berlin
  • Open Platform for High-Speed Broadband Services in Paris Region

More information available at:

Open Cities Partners

Esade, Institut Telecom, Fraunhofer, City of Amsterdam, Forum Virium, dotopen, Cap Digital, Bearstech, Waag Society, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Dutch, Barcelona Activa, City of Berlin, Tempos 21, Atos Origin