Welcome to the FTTx Observatory of the Open Cities Project

An ambitious transformation of the European Internet infrastructures is currently undergoing.
Fiber, the core component and technology of a new digital era for the EU Citizens.
Fiber Networks (Also known as Fiber To The x, FTTx ) are and will be the Next Generation Networks allowing new schemes in most of our industries, a new way of teaching and learning in all schools, new products and services for all citizens and a disruptive approach in the Innovation domain.

The FTTx observatory of the Open Cities Project proposal is to give you a better and precise view of the process currently under construction, giving you facts and numbers which are keys to the understanding of our own future.

Five major European cities, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki and Paris will be the target of this close examination through two sets of tools at your disposal:


FTTx Deployment

-        The FTTx Network deployment database, which includes the available FTTx offers to the Citizens in those cities, when available for the experts and the public

FTTx Usages

-        The publication of survey results regarding our new usages generated by the FTTx Networks  and their evolutions.


Last but not least, a glossary covering all the definitions and terminology in use around the FTTx domain, to help in the understanding of the new possibilities that FTTx Networks offers.

Remember to check often this section, since your own contribution is of course welcome and will help the whole community in the Open Cities.

If you do have questions or comments, suggestions even, do not hesitate to contact us directly: fttx_observatory@paris.opencities.net