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Hosting resources

Virtual machines

3 types of VM:

  • 2 CPU, 2G RAM, 10G storage
  • 4 CPU, 4G RAM, 30G storage
  • 8 CPU, 8G RAM, 60G storage


  • OS: Usually debian 5 or 6
  • other linux based OS could be installed, depends of conditions (packaging)
  • proprietary OS could be installed if licence provided
  • other software can be installed on demand


  • free: 5 man days
  • paid: paid service, quotation based of customer requirements
Updatesecurity updatefree
Monitoringbasic monitoring (check for online service, space disk, cpu load)free
Backupintegrated, with daily backupfree
SupportSoftware installation, error analysisfree
AuditArchitecture/application analysis (even code source if needed), security and performance advicesfree
Load testtailored stress test on web application (or any http based protocol)free
Backup +special backup tailored policies (NoSQL, more than daily, ...)paid
Support +monitoring and incident handling 24/24 7/7paid
Monitoring +tailored monitoring on specialized kind of probespaid
Storage +Extra storage (100Gb unit based)paid


  • What is included in 5 man days pack ?

Every free service

  • Are 5 days enough ?

From our own experience, usually yes.

  • What happen when the 5 days are spent ?

A quotation is made between Bearstech and SME in order to continue.

  • Is your hosting resources cloud enabled

We use virtual machines inside our datacenter.
If needed, we can help you build and install your service on SaaS platform like Amazon S2 or Google App Engine.

  • I don't need a hosting architecture, how can you help me ?

If you have your own hosting architecture, we can still help you on support, integration and stress test.

  • Do you support windows or MacosX server ?

The support is limited: no OS advices, no monitoring on core components. We do not provide installation support.

  • Do you provide any software licences ?

No. You have to provide your own licence for proprietary software.

  • Do you provide resources outside your own infrastructure ?

No. You have to get yourself an account on your prefered infrastructure (amazon s2, google app engine, ...) and give us an access if you want help

  • How can i access my virtual machine ?

You can login with ssh (pki) and make any operation allowed.

  • Do i have full access on my virtual machine ?

No. You do not have a root access but special needs will be taken into consideration (adding role to manage a service for example).

  • What is a stress test ?

A stress test (also called load test) is a test where we can simulate a huge number of concurrent users using your web application. Unlike traditional tools, we can elaborate sophisticated scenarios where for example, you could define several arrival phase with different kind of users so that the behavior will be very close from reality.

  • Can you explain me the steps for working together ?
  1. A technical manager is getting in touch with your technical team
  2. The technical team describes the services and challenges needed
  3. the technical manager suggets the more adapted services
  4. a contract document is established to describe the services
  5. sysadmins from bearstech help directly your technical team and provide access if hosting is handled by bearstech
  • What tools do you use for communication ?

We will provide you an account on a ticket-tracking platform (redmine for instance) with access to online documentation.

  • I have a question not handled in this FAQ

Just send an email to