Betatest details


smartsy, expand your world

Cities where betatests take place :

  • Barcelona
  • Paris
Recruitment period October
Betatest period November

Terms :

France : Beta test finished
Barcelona: Recruitment ongoing

Smartphone (Android)  required
Application to test will be provided at the beginning of the active phase of the beta test


The Social Object


Transforming products or content  into community-building tools through smartsy


By taking smartsy’s cutting edge visual recognition technology to tap into the latent interest of engaged consumers we can transform almost any product or brand into a doorway to instant digital communities.  Then, by combining it with our dynamic and scalable content serving platform and customizable profiling system that allows consumers to collect, comment and share their experiences, we foster conversations and commerce within those communities.

smartsy is transforming mobile marketing through its revolutionary visual recognition technology, in-app ad serving platform and engagement marketing solution that collectively unify real world and digital assets, improve content provider monetization options and build communities around authentic, dynamic content. With experienced management and significant traction, including Fortune 500 clients, smartsy is establishing key partner relationships across publishers, agencies and brands and continues its expansion throughout Europe and the USS. smartsy's seasoned management team is composed of professionals and serial entrepreneurs that have an in-depth background in information technologies, communication, telecommunications, marketing and distribution in international markets that have successfully built and sold previous companies. The engineering team specializes in mobile technologies, imaging, interactive platforms, cloud server management and massive databases. Visit the website