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Betatest period December

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you need a mobile device

Car industry is now in full technological development with innovative applications (i.e. Google car). In this context we want to implement our technology into cars so drivers could know in real-time the state of the car or its environment, through common digital devices and wifi, bluetooth, 3G or 2G.

This project requires a car industry partner willing to innovate by offering live connected services to its clients.

These services could be of 2 kind:

  • enrichment of the immediate driver experience in daily use of the car
  • addition of new remote functions

Both services will be implemented in a real-time approach in order to offer the most fluid and intuitive interactions beteween the different devices of the experimentation.

The augmentation of the driver experience will happen with the use of a remote display. The aim of the experimentation is to transform tablets/smartphones into dashboards to control vehicle data:

  • its environment : battery status, state of the car...
  • its security : collision avoidance system, alarm status and live shock detection
  • its network : geolocalisation of cars of known people
  • its accessibility: simplified usage for disabled people, real-time monitoring and diagnostic support center

The car communicate with its environment for the driver well-being.

Aerys aims at connecting the car to real-time services providers in order to help individually drivers :

  • remote diagnosticss damage through real-time data (engine running, heater, ...)
  • automatic signalisation of incidents with live reports on the state of the car
  • remote control of the vehicle to assist the driver
  • monitoring of the fleetof vehicles in real time

To develop this application, we use Orbit Technology. Thanks to Orbit, we efficiently make electronic devices embedded in the car communicate with any other device in real time, meaning on a millisecond scale !

2008, Aerys starts building innovative technologies to tackle new aspects of digital communication as a side project. 4 years later, Aerys now prides itself on having a privileged connection with its clients and an awesome team of engineers and designers. Our business is to bring to the world the digital innovation of tomorrow. You have an ambitious project? We have the technologies and the expertise to realize it. Let’s innovate together! Orbit Technology allows to create live connected digital environments and to make devices like computers, phones, tablets, websites, robots and even cars communicate. Thanks to Orbit, objects interact: your digital environment becomes alive ! Visit the website