Betatest details


High end video games from a remote server in your browser

Cities where betatests take place :

  • Paris
  • Barcelona
Recruitment period From April 13, 2012 to May 9, 2012
Betatest period From May 10, 2012 to June 30, 2012

Terms :

To participate to this beta test (and play), you will just need a computer on Windows, Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser
and (provided later if you are selected) the dedicated player.

Kusanagi project aims to develop a network centric platform for remote rendering and streaming of high-definition gaming. It purposes is to provide users a superior gaming experience on thin client devices through a broadband connection. This gives the opportunity to move the video game’s added value away from the console towards the network.

The users will no longer need to install the game or possess any console to be able to play high quality games. The game experience on low-capacity terminals ensures flexibility and high visual quality. See the video.


During the beta test of Kusanagi you will be asked ... to play the games on the Kusanagi platform :), just that. Hard isnt'it ? :)
Approximatively at the mid term of the beta testing period (May 2012) you'll be simply asked to fill a questionnaire to give your feedback about your user experience.
If you are selected as beta tester at the end of the recruitment period, once the beta test has started , using your account, you'll be granted the acces to the dedicated forums to share your point of view with both the other beta testers and the Kusanagi staff himself !
And if you have actively participated to the beta test, filled the questionnaire expected, a gif voucher will be sent to you.
(Friendly) warning:  the number of beta testers will be limited, remember to register early.

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