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James May’s

Things you need to know

City where betatests take place :

  • Paris
Recruitment period May
Betatest period June

Terms :

any mobile device connected

This App, inspired by our hit TV series, aims to take the big questions of science and answer them in a punchy, humorous and reliable format for the man in the street.

 James May

The market for video content on the Apple iOS environment is dominated by the Films & TV Programmes sections of the iTunes store. This system is mainly designed to replicate a conventional ‘lean back’ living room viewing experience and content is delivered in its original form. The ‘James May’s, Things You Need to Know’ App offers users an innovative way of engaging with video content previously formatted for linear TV. In the App, the content is sliced up into 10 highly entertaining, informative and manageable 2-3 minute clip chapters,
delivered in a self-contained format with an interface optimised for mobile browsing. This creates a new kind of viewing experience much more suited to users who want ‘short-burst’ access to content on their mobile device.

These clip chapters will be accompanied by additional text content that elaborates on the associated chapter content topics. Additionally, an option to ‘Tweet an Astounding Fact’ will encourage users to share the content and, in doing so, promote the App amongst their wider social network.

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