Betatest details

3D Villes

Immersive and participative 3D social network – Netizen

Cities where betatests take place :

  • Paris
  • Berlin
Recruitment period From May 17, 2012 to June 17, 2012
Betatest period From June 18, 2012 to July 31, 2012

Terms :

The platform is available on PC (Mac in progress, will be available for the BT in active phase).
Requires Windows ,does not work on UBUNTU / LINUX.
Downloading a plug-in BS-Contact will be needed to launch the application, (included in the registration process)
You must allow 
Popups on your computer.

Create a link between the citizens and their city by the use of social networks using an avatar in a dedicated 3D immersive world

Discover and participate in original  conferences, performances, exhibitions, visiting museums or famous and symbolic buildings and share your experience,  your emotions, your knowledge with others



Notre société développe des plateformes 3D immersives réalistes, dont l’objectif premier est de redonner une implication du E-Citoyen sur son territoire par le déploiement d’un réseau social immersif en 3D avec Avatar, une modélisation des symboles et emblèmes de son territoire, et surtout des usages permettant l’expérientiel 3D, visualisation de produits, services, conférences, expositions, etc…. Visit the website