About betatests

be a tester

Welcome to the Beta tests section of the Open Cities Project.

Since the Internet has become more and more popular, becoming a usual commodity for many, the relationship between a service and his users is radically changing.

End users, meaning all of us, can now participate actively in the process of both the design and the finalization itself of an innovative service with their creators.

It turns to be to the advantage of both the public, by co creating a service closer to our needs and demands, and of course of the service or product creators, in need of a concrete validation by their future customers.

Beta tests are typically a win-win relationship, growing in extent and popularity and part of a faster Innovation process. Timed before a commercial release or public disposal, they strongly help in creating a better service or product.

The Open Cities Portal offers you to discover brand new services from SME’s originating from the 6 European Cities involved in the Open Cities Project and to participate actively in their final conception during this privileged preview phase.

Not only a preview will be granted to the beta testers, but as well an opportunity to discuss and exchange with the designers of those services through dedicated forums.

Remember to bookmark this page to check their availability, as you'll be invited to register to get an access.

And if you are the creator of an innovative product or service, don't forget to head to the according section of the paris.opencities.net website to get the opportunity to make your service available in 6 major European cities simultaneously.