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The Open Cities Platform is designed for prototyping on-line and mobile services or digital contents, and test them under "real-life" conditions with "real" end-users in a two phases sequence :

  • Technical fine-tuning

If needed, installation of digital content and service prototypes on a managed data centre for a phase of alpha-testing, methodological and technical support to the company provided engineers.

  • Real-life experimentation

by a group of European beta-testers rewarded by incentives. Specific groups is set up for each experimentation according to specific criteria defined by companies experimenting on-line and mobile contents and services in real-life usage conditions.

The acces to the platform is open, after selection, to all SME's till june 2012.


Partners in the Open Platform for High Speed Broadband Services

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Cap Digital Paris Region. www.capdigital.com.

Established as a non-profit organization, Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital content and services. We are trusted by over 600 valued members: 550 innovative SMEs, 20 major corporations and 170 research labs. The latter represent France’s most active players in the digital content industry. Since its creation in 2006, Cap Digital has received 1150 project submissions and accredited 510 of them. 341 have received funding, accounting for a total € 600M, of which € 300M are public funds. In 2009, thanks to the “Plan filière regional”, more than 60 companies have benefited from workshops on how to expand their activities and over 40 have taken part in international delegations headed by Cap Digital.

Cap Digital is in charged of the general coordination of the platform, with the support of Tecdev, www.tecdev.fr.

Institut Telecom : www.institut-telecom.fr

The Institut Télécom is a French group of higher education establishments in the ICT sector.
Our missions are:

  • Higher education in telecommunications and information technology: training and life-long learning programs
  • Information and communication technology research

The Institut Télécom is particularly keen to disseminate scientific, technological and economic knowledge and support business start-ups, objectives that are a natural follow-on from its missions and represent important activities.

The Institut Telecom is in charge of organizing the beta tests and manages Pan-European Observatory of FTTx Networks Usages.

Bearstech : Bearstech is a free software and hosting company based in Paris. It offers a full range of services, from project management, project tools, staging servers, through the release of complex and critical web application, to the analysis of servers' load and security. It also has strong knowledge and product development on hackable devices. http://www.bearstech.com

Bearstechprovides consultancy for boostraping your experimetnation projects : help on system administration topics, help on architecture building, stress test (server side), free hosting and free sysadmin support.